Skitikkio is dead, long live Sicilianbake

So, where have I been in the last year? In the kitchen, of course! It has been a long journey and now SicilianBake, my new catering project, is finally born.

For some of my readers and friends this will not come as a complete surprise.

I bothered many of you with long chats about brand names, logos, menus, thoughts and dreams.

And many of you were waiting while being anxious and hungry.

Now here we are.

Sicilianbake.ieĀ  is my new website. In the homepage you can see a photo gallery about some of the food that I love to cook. And here you can have a look at the menu.

It is a work in progress and will be regularly updated with new dishes and products.

Probably, at this point you are curious to know how all this happened. What have I been doing during these months of silence on the web?

As you know, my last post on the blog was about The County Fare Cafe in Tallaght.

After that article, John Kearns, the CEO from the Tallaght Enterprise Center, that hosts the Cafe, called me with an unexpected proposal: to become the new chef of the County Fare.

We had a long chat about Italian food, and his projects for the cafe and his desire to make it a hub to promote local producers and local economy.

I definitely liked the idea and accepted. So, for a few months last year I kept myself busy with stews, soups and salads.

It was fun, but after some time I had to come back to my true passion: Sicilian food in its sweet and savoury version.
So, I moved more towards a pastry chef role and my production switched to Almond biscuits, pistacchio biscuits, sesame and saffron biscuits, ricotta pies and tart.

From now, these and many other treats are available for you on order.

Follow me on my social channels if you want to know more about my new adventure.

And of course follow my blog.

From now on, the website changes its name fromĀ  Skitikkio to Sicilianbake but the blog stays with us.

There are too many recipes, food stories and travel diaries that I want to share with you.

So stay with me and buon appetito!




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